The Best Way to Repair a Windshield

Imagine you drive down the highway on a beautiful day in your beloved vehicle when SNAP! The semi truck in front of you kicks up a rock that leaves a chip in your windshield. You wonder: Do I need to fix a windshield chip? Does it require a professional? Should I perform DIY windshield repair?

The Evolution of a Windshield Crack

Maybe you don’t have to imagine the above scenario. Chips are typically born from some unfortunate event like a rock in your windshield. Many times, cracks start out as chips.

Unfortunately, if you neglect a tiny, barely noticeable chip, it magically grows up to be a crack right before your eyes. The entire windshield needs to be replaced if you wait too long.

cracked windshield needs replacement
In this article, take a closer look at rock chip repair including the different types of rock chips.

When You Need a Windshield Replacement

Can my windshield be repaired?

Full windshield replacement is needed when…

  1. your windshield is compromised from a crack that is six inches or longer;
  2. tree branches, baseballs, animals, hail, bullets, etc. penetrate all layers of the glass;
  3. damage touches the edges of the windshield;
  4. cracks or chips compromise your vision (a repair won’t make it disappear).
Our team of auto glass technicians can determine if windshield damage can be repaired or if it requires replacement. Text us a picture, fill out this form or call 720-304-5138 for a FREE quote.
Repair your windshield chip as soon as possible. But should you hire a professional or take your chances with DIY windshield repair? Now we compare the two options.

DIY Windshield Repair vs. Professional Repair

DIY Windshield Repair

Perform a DIY windshield repair if your chip is manageable in size in severity and you have patience and a steady hand. Either buy a windshield repair kit or try to use household items for a home remedy. We recommend buying a kit; you can find them for less than $15.

Benefits of DIY Windshield Repair:

  • – Affordable
  • – Don’t have to depend on insurance preferred vendors or referrals to find a professional
  • – Maintain your feeling of independence?

Keep in mind that DIY windshield repair techniques can be more time consuming. Also, if you DIY improperly, the entire windshield will need replaced. Purchase every supply needed and follow the instructions carefully.

Professional Windshield Repair

When should you hire a professional instead of attempting it on your own? If you do not feel confident trying to DIY, then don’t. Why take the risk when a professional can do it just as time and cost efficiently? Plus, satisfaction is guaranteed with trained professionals.

Benefits of Professional Repair:

  • – Also affordable
  • – Faster
  • – Accepts insurance (most companies cover 100% of repairs and replacements)
  • – Satisfaction guaranteed

If you hire a professional when the next rock chips your windshield, hire a reputable company. Like Professional Auto Glass of Northern Colorado, true professionals are certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council.

Professional Auto Glass of Northern Colorado specializes in both windshield repair and replacement. Our auto glass specialists get you back on the road the same day you need us. We take great pride in making sure that you are 100% satisfied with our services. Contact us to get a quote or schedule.