Rear Windshield Replacement Service


Professional Auto Glass knows just how frustrating a cracked, chipped, or broken back windshield can be. Whether at home, office, work, grocery store, shopping or wherever you need us, one of our certified technicians will come to you. We work around your schedule to ensure a stress-free repair.By calling Professional Auto Glass of Northern Colorado, we will have someone there to remedy the issue quickly and professionally.


First, one of our mobile technicians will inspect the damage to your rear windshield. The next step is to carefully remove the damaged glass and then vacuum all debris from the interior of the vehicle. Then, the new rear windshield is installed. Final checks are then made to ensure the defrost and technological capabilities are intact and fully functional.

The entire back windshield replacement process usually takes less than one hour.

Back Windshield FAQ’s

Can back windshields be repaired?
A back windshield is made from tempered glass and designed to shatter into millions of tiny sand-like granular pieces when damaged.

Does car insurance cover windshield replacement?
Car insurance covers windshield damage and replacement in most cases through comprehensive insurance, and when others are at fault, through property damage liability insurance.

What kind of rear windshield damage is covered with comprehensive insurance?
Common examples of what comprehensive insurance would reimburse you for are:

  • Tree branch falling on your windshield
  • Baseball crashing into the windshield
  • Pebble flying into your windshield while driving
  • Acts of vandalism
  • An animal crashing into your windshield
  • Hail damage

Can I wash my car immediately after getting my back windshield replaced?
We generally ask that you wait at least 24 hours after your back windshield has been replaced before going through a car wash as the soap chemicals plus water pressure could affect the installation.