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We are auto glass repair and replacement specialists including windshield chip repair and windshield crack repair. With our mobile repair services, we can be where you are when you need us.

Windshield Glass Repair & Replacement Services

There was once a time when a chipped or cracked windshield meant certain replacement. That is no longer the case. Modern technology in auto glass repair technology makes it possible to repair windshields that would have previously been scrapped. Not only does this save your windshield, it also saves you money.

Windshield repair or replacement depends on the size, location, and severity of the damage. Learn more below.


  • Chip is not in the drivers line of site
  • Chip is smaller than a quarter
  • Crack is less than five inches


  • Chip is in drivers line of sight
  • Chip is larger than a quarter
  • Crack is longer than five inches

Professional Auto Glass offers expert mobile windshield repair & replacement services for Westminster, CO. Most insurance companies cover windshield crack and chip repairs at 100% coverage with no deductible. We would be happy to help you with your questions regarding insurance coverage.

Call us at 720-304-5138 to get started.

Mobile Side Car Window Replacement

If you are dealing with a broken driver or passenger side car window glass, the Professional Auto Glass mobile team is here to make sure it is replaced in the most efficient and affordable way.

The good news is that we make the process super easy and stress-free. The entire replacement can take as little as one hour.

No matter where you live in Westminster, CO – we come to you!

Side Glass Window Replacement

Professional Auto Glass understands that you have a choice when it comes to hiring a Westminster auto glass replacement company and this is the number one reason why we will always work harder than the rest to earn your business.

We guarantee all glass replacement work.

Every job we complete comes with a written lifetime warranty against leaks, and defective workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle. We stand behind our work 100%.

Rear Windshield Replacement

Back Windshield Glass Replacement - Westminster
Your rear windshield, rear glass, back glass, or rear window is designed much differently than your front windshield. Unlike your front windshield that comes laminated, back glass is tempered. This means that when the glass is struck with enough force, it will shatter into thousands of little pieces.

Professional Auto Glass suggests that as soon as the damage happens, give us a call from wherever you are and we will bring our back glass replacement services to you.

If you don’t have the time or money for immediate repairs…

We know that life happens and you might not always have the time or money for immediate repairs. In the meantime, Professional Auto Glass suggests vacuuming up the glass from the interior of the vehicle. Make sure you are wearing protective gloves before starting this process. Next, use the vacuum to remove any remaining glass or sediment from the edges of the back window frame.
Using a clear and thick packing tape, start by running strips of tape vertically across the opening of the window. Then layer another piece vertically, overlapping the first piece. Continue this until the pieces overlap one another and cover the window.

Schedule with Professional Auto Glass for back glass replacement.

Driving around with a broken window for an extended length of time is unsafe and could impair your vision. Therefore, getting a rear window replacement as soon as possible is very important. Replacing your window will increase your safety and also make your car look like new in no time.